x50pcs 3ply Standard Face Masks – Blue Surgical Mask – for Pollution and Bacteria

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Ultra-lightweight and comfortable, this incredible pack of disposable face masks helps reduce your exposure to dust, bacteria and potentially harmful biological contaminants.

  • Can help protect your lungs against bacteria etc
  • Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) >= 99%
  • 3-Layered design: hydrophobic non-woven outer layer, meltblown filter middle layer and absorbent inner layer
  • Adjustable nose bridge for enhanced comfort and fit
  • Lightweight and disposable design
  • Great value pack of 50!
  • Please Note: Face masks only help reduce exposure and do not eliminate the risk entirely. Please ensure that you take the appropriate steps to protect your health and use this product carefully.

Maintain a healthy respiratory system with the 3 Ply Personal Protective Disposable Face Mask (50 Pack), helping you breathe easier by keeping you safe from dust, bacteria and potentially harmful substances.

3-Layered filtration material

Made with three-layer, non-woven fiber, and a soft, breathable fabric, these disposable face masks provide effective protection against contaminants while the hypoallergenic properties are ideal for helping to keep asthma and allergies at bay.

Benefits of disposable face masks

Working to help protect you against dust, fog, bacteria, car exhaust and more, disposable face masks can help filter out potentially harmful biological contaminants while their lightweight and versatile design makes them suitable for travelling, public outings, general maintenance and much more!

Ultra-comfortable design

Featuring extra-comfortable elastic ear loops that eliminate pressure to the ears, along with a soft tissue inner layer, these gentle-on-the-skin masks are perfect for hours of comfortable wear.

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